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The inaugural unsupported bikepacking adventure of Baltic Bound series. 6th to 31st of July, 2024

About the challenge

It all started when one ultra distance rider (who's name is Viktorija) asked why Epas team is not organizing something for roadies.
We accepted the challenge and decided to have the longest possible ride in our horizon - 5500 km route around Baltic sea.
For us it was always to go big and just simply organize something that other people would dream to do - we love to help dreams come true.

For us it's important to be cooperative and rider inclusive. We try grow together with our participants and listen attentively to what our participants are suggesting. So this event will grow accordingly.

Free route

Riders will have to plan their route according to checkpoints

There are:

  • 3 main checkpoints where Epas team and volunteers will meet them

  • more virtual lighthouse checkpoints where riders will have to make selfies.

The riders will have to cycle clockwise, starting and finishing in Lithuania, near Baltic sea.

Baltic Bound 2024 map

Lighthouse checkpoints

Virtual markings on the map

Remember to visit all the virtual checkpoints - all of them are lighthouses.

Upon coming to lighthouse - make a picture of you and lighthouse in the background and then send it to


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