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~5500 km around Baltic sea

Embark on an unforgettable adventure as you pedal along the stunning Baltic Sea coastline, immersing yourself in the breathtaking landscapes and coastal vistas that await you.

Experience the thrill of bikepacking through diverse terrains, from charming seaside villages to lush forests, as you traverse the unique and varied landscapes surrounding the Baltic Sea.

You will have to plan your own route around Baltic sea.

There are few restrictions - riders can't use highways and need to visit real and virtual checkpoints along the route - so they're still bound to Baltic sea shores.

The route, if you want it to be so, will have up to 24.000 meters of elevation only.


Lighthouse checkpoints

Virtual markings on the map

Remember to visit all the virtual checkpoints - all of them are lighthouses.

Upon coming to lighthouse - make a picture of you and lighthouse in the background and then send it to

Normal checkpoints will have volunteers who will help you with the pictures, so at the end you'll have a nice collection of places around Baltic sea.

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